Harmonics calculator

Calculates the harmonic frequencies of a fundamental frequency

Example 1: Must calculate the harmonics of a 16.384Mhz oscillatorView example
You may use one of the following SI prefix after a value: p=pico, n=nano, u=micro, m=milli, k=kilo, M=mega, G=giga

2nd harmonic20 hertz14989622.9 meters
3rd harmonic30 hertz9993081.933333 meters
4th harmonic40 hertz7494811.45 meters
5th harmonic50 hertz5995849.16 meters
6th harmonic60 hertz4996540.966667 meters
7th harmonic70 hertz4282749.4 meters
8th harmonic80 hertz3747405.725 meters
9th harmonic90 hertz3331027.311111 meters
10th harmonic100 hertz2997924.58 meters
11th harmonic110 hertz2725385.981818 meters
12th harmonic120 hertz2498270.483333 meters
13th harmonic130 hertz2306095.830769 meters
14th harmonic140 hertz2141374.7 meters
15th harmonic150 hertz1998616.386667 meters
16th harmonic160 hertz1873702.8625 meters
17th harmonic170 hertz1763485.047059 meters
18th harmonic180 hertz1665513.655556 meters
19th harmonic190 hertz1577855.042105 meters
20th harmonic200 hertz1498962.29 meters
21th harmonic210 hertz1427583.133333 meters
22th harmonic220 hertz1362692.990909 meters
23th harmonic230 hertz1303445.469565 meters
24th harmonic240 hertz1249135.241667 meters
25th harmonic250 hertz1199169.832 meters
26th harmonic260 hertz1153047.915385 meters
27th harmonic270 hertz1110342.437037 meters
28th harmonic280 hertz1070687.35 meters
29th harmonic290 hertz1033767.096552 meters
30th harmonic300 hertz~999.308193 kilometers
31th harmonic310 hertz~967.072445 kilometers
32th harmonic320 hertz~936.851431 kilometers
33th harmonic330 hertz~908.461994 kilometers
34th harmonic340 hertz~881.742524 kilometers
35th harmonic350 hertz856.54988 kilometers
36th harmonic360 hertz~832.756828 kilometers
37th harmonic370 hertz~810.249886 kilometers
38th harmonic380 hertz~788.927521 kilometers
39th harmonic390 hertz~768.69861 kilometers
40th harmonic400 hertz749.481145 kilometers