Harmonics calculator

Calculates the harmonic frequencies of a fundamental frequency

Example 1: Must calculate the harmonics of a 16.384Mhz oscillatorView example
You may use one of the following SI prefix after a value: p=pico, n=nano, u=micro, m=milli, k=kilo, M=mega, G=giga

2nd harmonic31.6 kilohertz~9.487103 kilometers
3rd harmonic47.4 kilohertz~6.324735 kilometers
4th harmonic63.2 kilohertz~4.743552 kilometers
5th harmonic79 kilohertz~3.794841 kilometers
6th harmonic94.8 kilohertz~3.162368 kilometers
7th harmonic110.6 kilohertz~2.710601 kilometers
8th harmonic126.4 kilohertz~2.371776 kilometers
9th harmonic142.2 kilohertz~2.108245 kilometers
10th harmonic158 kilohertz~1.897421 kilometers
11th harmonic173.8 kilohertz~1.724928 kilometers
12th harmonic189.6 kilohertz~1.581184 kilometers
13th harmonic205.4 kilohertz~1.459554 kilometers
14th harmonic221.2 kilohertz~1.3553 kilometers
15th harmonic237 kilohertz~1.264947 kilometers
16th harmonic252.8 kilohertz~1.185888 kilometers
17th harmonic268.6 kilohertz~1.11613 kilometers
18th harmonic284.4 kilohertz~1.054123 kilometers
19th harmonic300.2 kilohertz~998.642432 meters
20th harmonic316 kilohertz~948.71031 meters
21th harmonic331.8 kilohertz~903.533629 meters
22th harmonic347.6 kilohertz~862.463918 meters
23th harmonic363.4 kilohertz~824.965487 meters
24th harmonic379.2 kilohertz~790.591925 meters
25th harmonic395 kilohertz~758.968248 meters
26th harmonic410.8 kilohertz~729.777162 meters
27th harmonic426.6 kilohertz~702.748378 meters
28th harmonic442.4 kilohertz~677.650222 meters
29th harmonic458.2 kilohertz~654.282973 meters
30th harmonic474 kilohertz~632.47354 meters
31th harmonic489.8 kilohertz~612.071168 meters
32th harmonic505.6 kilohertz~592.943944 meters
33th harmonic521.4 kilohertz~574.975946 meters
34th harmonic537.2 kilohertz~558.064888 meters
35th harmonic553 kilohertz~542.120177 meters
36th harmonic568.8 kilohertz~527.061283 meters
37th harmonic584.6 kilohertz~512.816384 meters
38th harmonic600.4 kilohertz~499.321216 meters
39th harmonic616.2 kilohertz~486.518108 meters
40th harmonic632 kilohertz~474.355155 meters