PCB trace properties calculator

Calculates properties of a PCB trace

Example 1: Must calculate the resistance of a 4 inch long and 12 mils width trace on a 70um copper PCB at 70 degrees celsius temperatureView example
Example 2: Must calculate the voltage drop of a 12 centimeters long and 1 millimeter width trace on a 35um copper PCB at 2 amperes and 50 degrees celsius temperatureView example
Copper thickness
Trace length
Trace width
Trace temperaturedegrees celsius
Trace currentamperes

Fill at least first four values of the following
  • Copper thickness - Copper thickness of the PCB surface (typically 35 micrometers)
  • Trace length - Length of the trace on PCB
  • Trace width - Width of the trace on PCB
  • Trace temperature - Temperature of the trace on PCB
  • Trace current - Current of the trace on PCB