Single layer air coil calculator

Calculates properties of a single layer air coil

Example 1: Must calculate the inductance of the air coil having 25 turns of wire wound to a diameter of 0.2 inches and a length of 1 inch.View example
Example 2: Must calculate the number of turns to have an inductance of 1 microhenries with a coil measuring 8 millimeters in diameter and a length of 2 centimeters.View example
Example 3: Must calculate the diameter to have an inductance of 10 microhenries with a 10 turn coil and a length of 10 millimeters.View example
You may use one of the following SI prefix after a value: p=pico, n=nano, u=micro, m=milli, k=kilo, M=mega, G=giga

Fill in all values except the one you wish to calculate
  • Turns - Number of turns wound in the coil
  • Diameter - Diameter of the coil
  • Length - Length of the coil
  • Inductance - Inductance of the coil