Instructions of using calculators

Most calculators work by leaving a single input field empty. The empty field will be calculated if it's possible to calculate with the given inputs. Some calculators requires filling all of the fields and some may have optional fields. More detailed instructions are found under input fields in each calculator page. You may use a SI prefix p,n,u,m,k,M,G or T (pico,nano,micro,milli,kilo,mega,giga,tera) after any input value to give it a multiplier. For example 300M equals 300 million, 12.5k equals 12500 and 100n equals 0.0000001. Please note that the largest prefixes mega, giga and tera are written in a capitalized letter. Scientific E notation can be written in a capitalized letter E followed by an exponent. For example 1.5E-6 equals 1.5*10^-6 or 0.0000015 and 10.8E+3 equals 10.8*10^3 or 10800. You may use a dot or a comma as a decimal point.

You can share or bookmark the answer by copying the address after the results have been loaded. The input values are always stored in the address.